This page is a work in progress, but we will keep updating it with FAQ's about the show and the games!

If I am not a "player", can I still participate?
Yes! Not only will we be watching the Twitch chat during the game and maybe replying to your comments, but you will be able to join the "audience" of the game on your device and vote on answers and help shape the outcome of the game!

Is this a one-time event, or a regularly scheduled thing?
We stream episodes twice a month, on the second Tuesday of the month (20:00 CET) and the last Tuesday of the month (20:00 US CT). Sign up for our mailing list to be notified about upcoming episodes!

I want to tweet about this! Any suggestions?
Please use the hashtag #devopspartygames for any tweets, before, or during, a show!

How can I be a contestant in future episodes?
We maintain a curated list of players to help keep things balanced, but if you are interested in being a contestant on a future episode, fill out this form!

Can I nominate someone to be a contestant?
Definitely! Fill out this form and let us know who you think would be amazing to have on the show!

I have a great idea for a Drawful or Quiplash prompt!
Fantastic! We love your suggestions - and we even have a handy form for you to submit them!

Will the games be "family friendly?"
While we do have a Code of Conduct, the show is rated M for Mature. Plan accordingly.